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1. Humanity's Rite of Passage into Adulthood Michael Dowd talks about three worldview shifts necessary for our species as a whole to pass from adolescence into adulthood. The first is "the shift from thinking that the world was made for us, to knowing that we were made for the world." Connie concurs, saying "Evolution is not about engineering solutions, but participating in their emergence." The second necessary shift is "the shift from beliefs to knowledge." For this shift, Dowd gives 5 examples of scientific discoveries over the past 200 years that now make it possible, for the first time, for humans to have vital knowledge about what Reality actually is and how it came to be: extinctions, biological evolution, glaciers, plate tectonics, and the role of supernova stars in creating the chemical elements. As Connie puts it, "Debates between the supernatural and the natural are old history." Dowd identifies the third necessary shift as "the shift from given meaning to chosen meaning." (30:00 mins)
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