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2. Generation Waking Up, with guest Joshua Gorman Connie and Michael talk with Joshua Gorman, a "younger" who is on fire and on-the-road pursuing his great work, birthing his vision of "Generation Waking Up." Joshua talks about his personal story, "as a young person waking up in a culture that did not offer me a story to help make sense of the brokenness I was seeing around me." Hear Joshua talk about from whom and how he found a story, a big picture story of the whole Universe. That evolutionary story is now central to his vision. He explains, "Young people want to be a part of something more. They want to feel that there is greater purpose in their lives. So Generation Waking Up helps share a larger narrative that they can find themselves a part of and then begin to connect their own personal purpose within this larger purpose." Michael Dowd concurs, "We've now got multiple generations who are finding common inspiration from those who can articulate a big picture understanding, an evolutionary understanding that's inspiring, inclusive, and deeply ecological." (30:00 mins)
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