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5. Evolutionary Emergence Connie and Michael discuss the fundamental worldview shift made possible by all the sciences that contribute to our factual understanding of how everything came to be. That worldview shift is ‘evolutionary emergence.’ Connie explains, “Until we had a scientific view, there was no sense that you could ever have something complex in the universe that wasn’t created, fashioned, or intended by something whose complexity was even greater than that complex feature.” Michael concurs, “What I’m talking about here is not teleology. It’s not saying that there is some intelligence or consciousness outside the Universe that is somehow manipulating things or has preprogrammed things or is in some way making things go in a particular way. That’s not what the evidence suggests. What the evidence suggests is, from the perspective of now looking back, we in fact see greater complexity, interdependence, and cooperation at larger and wider scale, both in the prehuman and the human world.” The duo point to the ‘emergentist’ ideas and books of Eric Chaisson, John Stewart, Robert Wright, Ursula Goodenough, Terrance Deacon, Richard Dawkins, and David Christian.
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