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8. Your Brain's Creation Story Evolutionary Brain Science and Evolutionary Psychology offer superb perspectives and practical tools for fostering a prime spiritual virtue: compassion. In this final sermon of seven years of living on the road evangelizing evolution, Connie Barlow presents both the background science and playful ways of learning it. The ancient "Reptilian" components of our brain she calls our "Lizard Legacy"; the paleomammalian emotional brain she calls our "Furry Li'l Mammal." Our neomammalian neocortex is our "Monkey Mind." And our distinctively hominid prefrontal cortex (at our forehead), with its executive function and capacity to override our base instincts becomes our "Higher Porpoise." Noting how this perspective can be helpful for facing issues of drug addiction, obesity, and relationship challenges, Connie concludes, "My view is that this aspect of bringing a sacred understanding to evolution is going to be the salvation of the liberal churches in the coming decades." Note: More on this topic, including the 2 diagrams she refers to, can be accessed at
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