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6. The New Atheists as God's Prophets Michael Dowd steps up to the microphone to extemporaneously present his boldest ideas yet: “I want to encourage religious people not to get defensive when the New Atheists are attacking religion or attacking concepts of God. Instead, recognize that they are fulfilling the role of a prophet. Traditionally, a religious prophet is someone who has sensed what is real in the moment and what is emerging and then has given voice to what is emerging and what is real in a way that was challenging, that was pointed, that was prophetic. Prophets were not typically your most polite people. They were sometimes curmudgeons. They were sometimes quirky. But they spoke with the authority of reality.” Dowd continues, “The religion that the New Atheists are attacking is otherworldly, superstitious religion when it's interpreted as objectively real. And that's not where the power of our religious language lies. . . So long as religious people interpret our scriptures literally, interpret our miracles literally, interpret our language about God and all our traditions literally, we deserve to be the brunt of attacks by the true prophets of our age, which are the New Atheists, who are the defenders of objective reality.” (You can also access online the audio of Dowd reciting the preface of his book.)
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